Reol is a new R package that interfaces the Encyclopedia of Life with the R environment. 

Reol will download information from the EOL via the API. Text from these pages is scraped for content and amassed into a large dataset.  The idea is that all of EOL and its partner sources could be built into a subsettable, frequently updated dataset that would be made available to the public.

In addition, researchers could use and even modify our package to download and manipulate data about their own taxonomic groups.  For example, I downloaded data from EOL on the richness score for all conifers (tree by Leslie, A.B. et al. 2012. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci.; using tree mapping software phytools [Revell, 2011]). The blue represents clades where a lot of information is known and also seem to correlate with taxa found in North American and Europe.

SVN repository available here.

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Click here to see our proposal to EOL.

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